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Warrnambool Senior Amateur (Victoria)

About the Warrnambool Senior Amateur

logoWarrnamboolThe Warrnambool Senior Amateur is another new event on the 2014 Senior Callendar. It is to be played over 36 holes on the Warrnambool Golf Course. In 2016 it has move to the same week as the Port Fairy event - the Moyne Senior Classic.

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Event News

Warrnambool Seniors 2017



Kym Olsen from The National had a very resounding 6 under par win (70,68) at Warrnambool beating fellow Australian team members Ian Frost (78,73) and Gordon Claney (76,75) by 13 shots. This follows Kym's recent win in the Tasmanian Seniors.

The Nett event was won by Chris Keeshan from Centenary Park (70,68), by 4 shots ahead of George Kotaridis from Kew (73, 69) who also celebrated his first hole in one on the 9th hole. Chris is a regular Seniors player and this was his first win - he was most appreciative.

The women's event was won by local Vicki Johnstone with 68 points and the scratch event by Helen Pascoe with 54 points.

The Warrnambool course was very well presented but the weather was very hot for this time of year, especially in Warrnambool, with twoWarrnambool2017 30+ degree days.

The Bachli is set up for a thrilling down to the wire finish. Gordon Claney is leading Kim Olsen be a bare 4 points and they are both dropping of  156 pointers at the final Moyne event. Ian Frost, the reigning Bachli champion, is just 96 points behind Gordon but is not playing Port Fairy.

The Lulofs Trophy is also going down to the wire; John Kelly is leading by a narrow margin but not playing the final event at Port Fairy. Three others could also win the Trophy - Ignatius Duivenvoorden, Keith Finkelde & George Kotaridis.


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