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Commonwealth Senior Amateur (Victoria)

About the Commonwealth Senior Amateur

logocommonwealthThe Commonwealth Senior Amateur is played over 18 holes at the Commonwealth Golf Club. It has been rescheduled to become the last round of the 7 rounds of the SandBelt courses.

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Event News

Commonwealth Senior Amateur 2017

Commonwealth2017Gordon Claney won his second 'Sandbelt' event at Commonwealth with a fine par 73 finishing three shots ahead of official runner up John Hasthorpe from Trafalgar (and Commonwealth!).

The Nett event was taken out by visiting NSW player Rowan Easterbrook from Oatlands who had an excellent 74 Nett 70, to finish one ahead of fellow NSW player Andrew Pritchard-Davies from Monash. Gordon Claney in his acceptance speech complimented Rowan on his performance.

The course was in great condition and weather was again OK for this time of year.

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Event Results

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