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seniorslogoSeniors Golf for Amateur Men in Australia is generally for 55+ year olds. The competitions termed Seniors are.comprised of a series of events in each State run by the relevant State Golf Associations plus a few events run by Golf Australia. There is a National Order Of Merit determined by results in the National Events and selected State Events. A number of States run their own Orders of Merit which are determined by results in their State Events. Each event is open to amateur golfers aged 55 and over at the time of the event; there are a variety of handicap restrictions dependent on the State, event and category of event.

Senior Women
NSW has a Women’s Senior Order of Merit and there are a small number of other events around Australia that specifically cater for Senior Women.

There is also a strong network of Veteran Golf Associations that run many events all around Australia, for over 55+yo (male) golfers with a proper handicap. There is usually a low cost to join the local association and also very reasonable charges for each event.

Professional golfers join their senior ranks at age 50. There is a circuit of ProAms for Seniors in Australia.

This site has been instigated by the Victorian Seniors Competition but is set up to support and promote Seniors Golf in Australia. It is an independent site, but although not sponsored by the Golf Victoria or the Victorian Seniors Advisory Committee, will hopefully have their full support. Some content and photos are courtesy of Golf Victoria.

The site is aimed at providing a focussed, timely and comprehensive coverage of the State based competitions. It is aimed to supplement the state based Golf Association sites that have so much more to focus on. It is to assist the State based events as Ausoom does for the National events. It is not aiming at covering the National Senior Order of Merit so well covered and supported by the Ausoom web site.

I welcome comments on the site especially constructive criticism or suggestions for improvement, feel free to email me or discuss in the forum.